Wednesday homemade dinner – Thai beef green curry with rice

I have this recipe with me for few years already, I kind of figure it out my own way by imagining how this should be. Of course, after learning some Thai recipes, I’ve adjusted it a little bit, but more or less it stays the same. The good thing about curry is you can have it with different kind of meat, seafood or even vegetable. Tonight I am doing this with beef, but as I said, you can do it with many other ingredients.

Of course the key ingredients are kaffir lime leaves, shallots, lemongrass, galangal, and red chilli pepper, you can get this as a tom yam pack in some super markets. Heat up the pan with some oil, then fry these ingredients with a medium heat, add cabbage, mini corns, mushrooms, Thai eggplant and okra in the pan and stir fry them. You have to look into the kind of vegetable you have and the combination with the meat, calculate the cooking time of each of them, and try to put them in the pan by sequence of the cooking time needed. I really don’t want to over cook the beef, of course depends on the cut of the beef, try to watch out the time and keep that in control. Put Thai green curry paste into the pan, then add coconut milk. Stir them well and let it simmer for around 10 minutes or until it’s done. Taste and season with salt as you like.

You can serve the curry with rice or bread, garnish them with some fresh coriander and squeeze of fresh lime juice.


Taking care of our planet, how to reuse, recycle and making use of food waste to come up with another dish. Being creative and aware of our environment.


Our furry friends also deserve to have a good and balance diet, instead of having kibbles and can food. Cook for our dogs is the ideal way to avoid cancer and major sickness.


No seafood, no meat, just with vegetables plant based diet, not as boring as you thought, we can always make it interesting.


There are tons of variety for salad, it could be just for vegetarian but you can also mix it with meat. Healthy and refreshing!


Snack, tapas, could also be an appetiser. Love to have few tapas as main dish sometimes, always good to go with some drinks.


Soup is one of my favourite, Chinese always love to have soup. I am sharing more ideas on Western soup here.