Green Living, do not waste food!


Green living is not a new topic at all, we started to talk about environmental friendly, recycling and green living since long time. But there are still new things that we can do everyday, such as low carbon living, and today I would like to talk about food waste.

The Hong Kong Government started to run this food waste recycling project back in 2013, but I would say, there are still a lot of work to do and more education needs to be done. Nowadays, we are more aware of recycling paper, aluminum, plastic, metal, glass bottle, and etc. We can easily find recycle bins on the street or in some of the building, that collect mainly paper, plastic and aluminum. But for food waste, is still not popular yet.

The idea to recycle food waste is fantastic! Think about we can recycle them, and turn them into pig feed, fertilizer or methane for heat and power generation. Turning waste into treasure and reduce the landfills, I really want to support this programme.

The building where my office is, they started this food waste collection few months ago. There is a box distributed to each office and they collect food waste everyday, and there is a machine at the building to process this collected food waste into liquid fertilizer for the onsite plants. How great is that! I actually want to look for someone to collect food waste at home as well, but I need to do some more research and see how to do it, as the building management at home is not supporting any kind of recycling project. There are no recycle bins at the building, I have to carry the recycled paper that I collected, and bring them to those bin on the street. So, until I find my solution, I am bringing my food waste from home to office. I know it might sounds a bit crazy, collecting food waste everyday and bring to office, which is a bit smelly… But I want to make my little step and help to save the globe, we should all help to save our global village.