Making use of the leftover pulp from juicing to make some snack

I am always concern about the environment, and lately I am looking into zero-waste cooking. Actually you just need to be creative and always have that idea in your mind, try to really think again before throwing anything away. You might surprise yourself how much you can make use of from the food waste that you created.

Today, I am making some snack bars from the leftover pulp that I’ve got from juicing with tomato, carrot, red bell pepper, celery and some ginger. It’s always a shame to throw away the pulp, there are a lot of ideas for leftover pulp, but today I am sharing this idea of making snack bars with you. We already kind of give up the idea of having chips and other junk food at home, we rather have healthy snack, such as fruit, cherry tomatoes, celery, cucumber and carrot. This one could be one of the healthy snack on our list when we are hungry in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night.

So, I am using around a cup of leftover pulp, mix with half cup of pumpkin seeds, and half cup of mixed nuts. You can also add some raisins, but I don’t really like raisins so I don’t add them. Then, we add one tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil, and three tablespoons of honey or syrup. I preheated the oven to 200 degree Celsius, and we just have to mix all the ingredients and press the mixture into a baking tray.  A little tip is to use the back of a spoon to help and flatten the snack bar mixture to around 1cm thick.  Then you can add sesame seeds on top as a final touch. Bake the snack bars for around 20 minutes, let it cool down after baking, and then cut them into small pieces. You can store them into vacuum jar or even freeze them.

It’s such a great idea, to make use of food waste and stay with healthy diet. You can also give this to your dogs if all the ingredients are dog safe, you just need to check it out and make sure they are good to eat them.


Green Living, do not waste food!


Green living is not a new topic at all, we started to talk about environmental friendly, recycling and green living since long time. But there are still new things that we can do everyday, such as low carbon living, and today I would like to talk about food waste.

The Hong Kong Government started to run this food waste recycling project back in 2013, but I would say, there are still a lot of work to do and more education needs to be done. Nowadays, we are more aware of recycling paper, aluminum, plastic, metal, glass bottle, and etc. We can easily find recycle bins on the street or in some of the building, that collect mainly paper, plastic and aluminum. But for food waste, is still not popular yet.

The idea to recycle food waste is fantastic! Think about we can recycle them, and turn them into pig feed, fertilizer or methane for heat and power generation. Turning waste into treasure and reduce the landfills, I really want to support this programme.

The building where my office is, they started this food waste collection few months ago. There is a box distributed to each office and they collect food waste everyday, and there is a machine at the building to process this collected food waste into liquid fertilizer for the onsite plants. How great is that! I actually want to look for someone to collect food waste at home as well, but I need to do some more research and see how to do it, as the building management at home is not supporting any kind of recycling project. There are no recycle bins at the building, I have to carry the recycled paper that I collected, and bring them to those bin on the street. So, until I find my solution, I am bringing my food waste from home to office. I know it might sounds a bit crazy, collecting food waste everyday and bring to office, which is a bit smelly… But I want to make my little step and help to save the globe, we should all help to save our global village.




Sunday brunch idea, making use of leftover

IMG_5393I always do not want to waste anything, of course we should not waste any food, as a lot of people in the world are suffering from starvation. I always try to go through the fridge to make sure I finish up with everything.

Sunday is a day to relax and chill, so it is good to be lazy. You can go out for brunch, but I always like the idea to stay in. Sunday brunch is fun to cook, as there are lots of easy and fun dishes you can come up with. I found some leftover in the kitchen from last night, baugette, some arugula, cherry tomatoes and a bit of goose liver salami. Let’s do something with all these, let’s do a bruschetta!

Cut the baguette in slices, and heat up the pan with some butter, better use the grill pan, so that can create beautiful grill marks on it. When both side of the baguette are done, place them on a board or plate, up to you in terms of presentation. Fry the salami as well if you like, no need to fry for too long, just a touch. Or, you can replace samali with pancetta, that can do too. But pancetta you have to fully cook them. Then, fry the eggs in the pan, and I kind of like it in a free style, not beating them, but just mixing them freely in the pan when I am frying. It’s more fun, and a bit uneven, to make it more interesting, and don’t forget to season them with a bit of salt and pepper. With the eggs, of course you have to be quick, unless you are more a well done egg kind of person.

Place scramble egg on top of the baguette, then add a bit of arugula, salami, half of a cherry tomato, finish up with a touch of chopped spring union on top, as well as a touch of parmesan cheese. More black pepper at the end always make it visually looks better and taste better as well.

This is very simple, and just take 15 minutes to cook! As the most important thing is get rid of all the leftover, you can edit it and come up with your own version.