The best looking water bottle – VOSS 

I have been trying to look for a nice water bottle for almost one year, was thinking between plastic or glass? Maybe glass is better, as you don’t need to consider the BPA. But then, plastic will be a lot lighter than glass. I saw one of my colleague is using this glass bottle from Takeya, looking really good, but I could not find it here in Hong Kong. I saw some glass bottle also wrapped in silicon, selling at Lulu Lemon, first of all, do not like the design of the silicon wrap that much, and the price is still kind of expensive, around USD30-40. I am just thinking to get something around USD20, it’s really tough to find something with that price range and with a nice design.

So, why don’t we look into the water bottle, like VOSS or Evian? I remember the design of Voss is very good, some restaurant they try to re-use their bottle to serve water. I also remember I’ve been seeing glass bottle of Evian. So, I tried to check that out at Citysuper! again, but then they don’t have the Evian with glass. I ended up getting the Voss bottle of water for USD4, and definitely it is cheaper than getting an expansive water bottle, maybe the design is not even good. I am happy with my solution, but I am still thinking maybe I should get a Takeya bottle one day. 


Better round than square – Fossil smart watch

I am always an Apple fan, I’ve got almost all kinds of Apple products, Apple computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, Time Machine and etc. But I didn’t get the Apple Watch, not yet, maybe later… Why? Just not sure about the price and the look, especially the square shape.

Eventually I bought this Fossil Q, smart watch. I think first of all, the look is better than Apple Watch, it looks like a normal watch and is in round shape. Function wise maybe less than what an Apple Watch can do, but I just think for the time being is good enough. I can read my email, remind me when there is a call, all instant messages, know how many steps I made, read weather forecast, and etc. One of my favourite function is google Translate. I can speak to the watch and it’s going to translate into the language I want, how fantastic is that! I heard that actually you can reply message with your watch if you are pairing with an android phone. Unfortunately I’m using iPhone, so this function is not working. 

Overall I am happy enough to pay an amount of a regular watch to get a smart watch, same amount with better value. 


Wearing high heels is about the look, to make you look good!

my all time favourite Martin Margiela

I love high heels, it’s my look at work most of the time. I love high heels with a bit of twist, avant garde type, not the feminine type of high heels.  People always asked me this question, “Why do you need to wear high heels? You are already tall enough.” My model answer would be, “Wearing high heels is about the look, to make you look good.”

I wear high heels almost everyday when I go to work, to make myself look more presentable, especially for the day that I have to present or having important meeting. Or, sometimes I just feel like dressing up a bit. A casual outfit match with a pair of nice high heels, will change the look totally. But on the other hand, it is painful to wear the high heels for the whole day. I used to do that in the old days, but you really cannot do that with public transport, running up and down at the tube/subway station. It’s way too much for your feet! If you have to wear high heels for the whole day, you better just take taxi or drive from one point to another. And you would not be able to stand for more than 3 hours in total for the entire day. If you stand for too long, no matter how comfortable the high heels are, you just want to take the shoes off. It’s just painful! High heels are made to make you look better, but on the other hand, to torture you.

Nowadays, I always wear a pair of flats to work, and change into high heels after I get back to office. In this way, I still have the look at work, but then I don’t have to kill myself. For some people, maybe they still prefer to have that total look with high heels when they are on the way to work. Please make sure you have a pair of flats in office, so that you can always rest your feet under the desk when you don’t have to walk around. It’s important to look good, but it’s also important to take care of your feet, so always have a back-up plan for your feet, a pair of flats.


The look of 7he day project since October 2009

I would like to do this project since long long time ago, I know I am not the first one doing this, but I just would love to do this. I would like to take a picture of myself everyday, so I can review how did I look everyday few years or many years later. Every time when I go through my albums, I am so amazed how much did I change and transform. That’s where the idea from, I just would like to know how my taste level transform as well. When I look back some of my old pictures, I have no idea how on earth I could dress like that. lol…….. no idea at all….. That’s the interesting part of it, and I would like to make a look book out of it. So, I started this project in October 2009, and I am really doing this every day, taking picture of myself every day with the same posture, standing straight. And I guess right now, I’ve collected over thousand pictures. I am waiting for more to come……. It is also funny to see the background, as sometimes I travel, I’ve moved flat, and etc, that all has been shown in the picture as a background. It is definitely fun to go through.

Another inspiration for this project is from this movie, Smoke, directed by Wayne Wong. Harvey Keitel is playing this role and he is taking picture of his corner shop every single day at exactly the same time. And one day, he forgot to take picture because something happened, which kind of change his life. I don’t remember the detail of the story anymore, but it’s a nice movie, should re-watch it one day. Sometimes I could miss taking picture, but most of the time I do. It is nice to have a collection of myself and seeing the transformation. Something funny is, the core of the fashion trend doesn’t change so much, and most of the clothes, I’ve been wearing for many years. And the way to mix and match certain piece is more or less the same. Maybe my style doesn’t change so much, well, at least for the last six years.


Going to the CNY f7ower market is a must before Chinese New Year

I remember when I was a kid, going to the CNY flower market is a must do activity before CNY. When I was still little, I used to go with my father, as mother was always busy with the preparation work for CNY. When I was a teenager, I used to go with my friends. When I was early 20s, I used to go with my boy friend. Nowadays, I used to go with myself only, as the major purpose is go there quickly for some flowers. I don’t want to stay there too long, because there is always packed with lots of people. I don’t know, not sure if I do enjoy going there with my husband nowadays, as there are way too many people as usual.

So, I went to the Victoria Park CNY Flower Market today in the afternoon, I tried to avoid the night time, because usually it is more busy during night time. Today is the day before the New Year’s Eve, and it’s a Saturday, that’s why it’s full of people. I skipped the dry area (selling different things except flowers), and headed straight to the wet area (selling mainly flowers and plants). Daffodil is always one of my favourite CNY flowers, for sure I would like to get one again this year. But I started off with buying a bunch of pink lily, lily smells so nice and they are easy to handle. Going around, and trying to look for a nice pot of orchid. Been to few booths, but cannot get one in the end, don’t know why cannot make up my mind for one. In the middle of the way, there is a booth selling this popular terrarium. I’ve been thinking to get one already, so when I see that, just could not help myself and I ended up to get one of them. I think the terrarium is so nice as part of the home decoration, and I guess maybe one day I should go and learn how to make one myself. Finally I reached the daffodil booth, same company as I bought my daffodil last year. I understood it is kind of difficult for the all the florists this year, as the weather before CNY is so weird, it was so warm in the beginning and then so cold the week before, and not much sunny day. They must have a hard time trying to keep the flowers in good shape for this one time deal before CNY. So, it is hard to get a daffodil that is short and strong with a lot of buds, the one I got is not bad.

I ended up also with a small version of peach blossom, it is also hard to find a nice one, they all look kind of dry and not many flower buds, which is not good. One of the phase we say in Chinese is 花開富貴, meaning fortune comes with blooming flowers. So, that’s the reason why we used to buy flowers for CNY, and especially for flowers like daffodils and peach blossom, that we prefer to have the flowers bloom right on the first day of Chinese New Year. If the flowers are not blooming on the first day, that means bad luck. So, when we try to get flowers, we always prefer to look for flowers with more buds and estimate the time that they are going to bloom. So, I wish all the flowers are going to bloom nicely on the first day of Chinese New Year, which is going to be on the 8th of February.


Tracking with Misfit Shine2


I’ve heard about this kind of health or fitness tracker for quite some time, fitbit, Jawbone and something like that, have friends that are wearing them and said that it’s a good wearable devise to have with you, because you can track how many steps you’ve made and monitor your own fitness progress. But I never have the intention to get one, first of all, the look of such tracker is always too sporty, it doesn’t really fit into my daily wardrobe. On the other hand, I just don’t think I need one.

So, I got this Misfit Shine2 as a gift, and I kind of like the look of it in the first place. It looks modern and sleek, quite different from those sporty looking tracker. Looking at Misfit Shine, this updated version definitely looks way better. If you talking about function, I am actually very interested on the sleep tracking part, not really on the activity tracking. It is quite funny to find out how good you have slept last night, not sure what the Shine 2 telling me is accurate or not, but it is good to take it as a reference. To see how much deep sleep versus light sleep I had the night before. After wearing that for a week or so, I kind of like it and get use to it quickly, it’s good to review how are you doing everyday. There is also a function to remind you to get up if you’ve been sitting for too long, but I am not using that. You can actually wear it without watch, because it also has the display time function and I love the way how it shows the time with the green dot indicating the time and the blue dot indicating the minute. On the other hand, if you tap on it, it will show you how much did you achieve so far. In term of the app, it is super easy to use. Another good thing about this, is the other app that you can use, called Misfit Link, basically you can use your Misfit Shine 2 as a remote control to do certain things, like control your music playing and take selfie. One thing I am not happy about is, it doesn’t track anything about yoga, because it is an activity that you just do it at the same position, so it’s not telling me how much calories did I burn for doing one hour yoga for example.

The only problem is, you can lose it easily, as the plastic ring that holds the Misfit is not strong enough to hold it, sometimes it just snap out from your wrist. I lost it few times, but luckily to catch it or found it right away. But then, I lost it last Monday and could not find it, but then I found it again at home in-between the cabinet. Well, this is really not good, but so far it is still good to wear it when you are used to it. I think I just need to find a way to fix it, maybe glue it tight with the ring. I am waiting for them to launch the accessories, so I hope I can get some other wrist band to go with it. Now, it’s still Winter time, if I go swimming with it in Summer time, I guess I need to wear a wrist band on top of it to make sure I am not losing it.


Monkeys all over the place!

Giorgio Armani’s CNY Window

Bottega Veneta and Tod’s CNY Window


Prada’s CNY Window

Mont Blanc’s CNY Window


Gucci’s CNY Window

I’ve been working in the fashion retail business for many years, my specialty is Visual Merchandising, Styling and Creative Concept Development. We used to come up with window concept and ideas, and I remembered in the past, we would never even think of having a Chinese New Year special window. As in Fashion,we always want to relate to western culture,  you always want to look chic, stylish and trendy. Chinese New Year would not be something that has to do with trend or fashion.

But starting from few years ago, China became one of the key market in retail business with the biggest growth and Chinese New Year slowly slowly becomes one of the key event in retail. We all want to take the opportunity to boost sales during such key festive season, the same as how USA promote Thanksgiving. I’ve never see so many Chinese New Year window decoration from all these luxury fashion brands as this year before. This year, looks like everyone is playing with the monkey, as it is going to be the year of the monkey in 2016. I am surprise to see actually almost every single retailers are doing CNY window, no matter from luxury brand, such as Prada, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Tod’s, Giorgio Armani, Mont Blanc, Coach, and etc, to mass fashion brand, like Uniqlo, everyone is with CNY and monkey on! Think about how important Chinese are to them, they really want to make sure the message will get across to all the Chinese consumers.

The thing is, this CNY window is not just happening in country like China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, you can also find in USA, Japan, Korea and Europe. Just because CNY is a holiday and a lot of Chinese are going to travel, so all the retailers are trying to make sure they are not missing any opportunity to engage with the Chinese consumers. Well, as least I am happy to see some nicely done CNY window, with the right touch and right essence.