Slow living – enjoy riding the 7ram home

The pace of life in Hong Kong is the fastest in the world I have to say. Living in Hong Kong since I was born, no matter where I go, I feel no where can compare to Hong Kong if we talk about speed. For example, New York, I think everyone from the States would have said that everything in New York is quick, but I feel that NYC is quite slow to me. Even Tokyo, is almost at the second place right after Hong Kong, but I still feel no where can beat Hong Kong.

Just like having a meal in the restaurant or especially at the cha chang tang (茶餐廳), the waiter / server will come to you to take the order right after you set down. You better know what are you going to eat, it’s like they don’t allow you to think, and actually all locals order so quickly. Another example is doing grocery in the supermarket, when you need to pay, you better be very quick, otherwise you will be the one slowing the entire process or system down. After you paid and the cashier gave you back your change or credit card, as well as the receipt, you better pack all your money and get all your grocery and run. The person standing next in the queue will be pushing all the grocery all the way to the front and the cashier will start working on the next customer without waiting for you to get done. It’s kind of stressful if you are not used to it. Sometimes I wonder why everything has to be so quick, maybe we should really learn to live slow.

That’s why riding the tram is such a contradictory activity that you can do in Hong Kong, consider everything is in a faster tempo. The tram is one of the earliest public transportation that is still running, since 1904, more than 100 years of history. Tram only runs in Hong Kong Island, almost through the entire northern part of the island, from Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan. For those people not living next to the MTR (metro system) station, like me that living in Happy Valley, tram is one of the best choice as a connection from the station to home. In the past, that works for people that lives in Kennedy Town or Sai Ying Pun as well, but since the West Island line opened for business last year, I guess less people rely on tram to get connected to the station. But for me, living in Happy Valley and working in Kowloon side, I enjoy riding the tram home every night after work. Get out from the MTR station in Causeway Bay, and hop on one of this tram. It’s a very short ride, just around 5 minutes, and I love to enjoy the scene of the race course. There is always something going on, different teams practicing in the middle of the field, like rugby team and football team, people jogging, dogs walking, and etc. Nice to watch and enjoy, instead of playing with your phone. I also enjoy the ding ding sound very much, it sounds so nostalgic, reminded me of the old days. My father brought me to the tram ride, that’s one of the activity we used to do, ride from one side to the other side of the island. And I think, that’s one of the most romantic transportation in the old days, riding the tram with your loved ones.

Nowadays, people complains that it’s too hot to ride the tram in Summer time, which it’s true. If there is traffic jam and the tram is not moving, it can turned into hot sauna. But I guess that’s the authentic part of the tram, being slow and hot. If you need something quick and with air condition, take something else and there are plenty of choices, like bus, mini-bus or taxi. Few days ago, the Hong Kong Tramways was starting to test this new air-conditioned tram. I still prefer the original tram, but let’s see if I am going to bump into one.

Learn to cry in front of others is hard

In the past, I care so much about not showing vulnerability in front of others. I just feel weird to cry in front of people, anyone including my parents or my friend. I could cry in front of the person I love, but other than that, it is hard for me to accept myself with tears.

I think I changed these years, I feel more comfortable if I need to cry in front of others. I just think that’s part of myself, my emotion, nothing is wrong to cry. Crying is just part of my feeling, same as laughing, no need to feel bad about it. If you need to cry, cry! If you need to laugh, laugh! Feel free to express how you feel.

Well, sometimes that is hard for everyone. I am not sure how many of you’ve been crying in front of your friends, even people you treat them as friends, but you might not want to cry in front of them. Having the girls night out the other night, getting everyone to express their true feeling deep inside of them, and getting all the tears out, it’s totally not easy! Maybe the first time for me to see some tears from certain friends, but that made me feel them to be more real and more their true-self. It is easy to be friends and laugh together, have fun together; but that make you more close as a friend, should be the crying part, the moment that you feel to share your emotion with them. Crying together definitely can make you two a true friends!


Tomorrow will be a better day – we need that rainbow in our heart

What is the importance of having friends? Not just a friend that you give a like on Facebook, I am talking about BFF here, Best Friends Forever, and I guess it’s tough to find true friends, as hard as finding true love! It’s great to have BFF in your life, you can share everything, talk about anything, you can share laughters and tears. You have nothing to hide in front of them, well I better say you should have nothing to hide, but sometimes we do prefer to step back a little bit. Not hiding, but no need to tell the full story.

I always love to spread positive energy around, and I for sure love to stay with positive type. We can all have our down moments, but we should see that as a challenge and bounce back. If it’s possible, I would like to paint a rainbow in everyone’s heart. To have positive influence towards everyone, and make them feel everything is good and positive. To exercise, definitely can charge yourself with some positive energy!

It’s funny, I went for yoga today, and I guess the couple next to me are new to this class and this instructor. The pace and the posture plus the heat maybe too tough for the guy, and at the certain point he started to swear, “fxxk!” Well, I think we should not take the challenge as a “fxxk”, and we should just embrace it and see how can we manage to accomplish it. If not, we can just take it slow, try to work around to see if we can make it, if still a no, that’s ok, at least we can start to practice, and we will see ourselves making some progress one day. Dealing with problem is the same, yes we can swear, “fxxk!” And then, move on and see how to solve it. Always remind yourself of the rainbow, and you will see that one day or maybe you are already riding on it!


Green living on a rainy day – do we really need the plas7ic bag for the umbrella?

It’s been cold for a week, and finally the temperature is raising, but now started to rain. It has been raining for the entire day, and when it’s raining, you will see such a stand full of plastic bags at the entrance of shopping mall, commercial building and big retail store. The property management would like to keep their inner space dry without water dripping all over the place. I always try to dry my umbrella by swirling it and not getting the plastic bag, but sometimes I cannot avoid it because there is someone standing at the entrance and force you to use it. I can understand that, but somehow to see the amount of plastic bags have been used is way too much, this is so environmental unfriendly . I’m not sure how many of you are going to reuse that plastic bag? To pour out the water inside, keep it with you and try to use it next time? I doubt it.

I am always amazed by how innovative Japanese are, they always come up with great ideas and creative solutions. Last time when I was in Tokyo, it was pouring out and I found this tool that they are using for drying umbrellas at the entrance is such a great invention! What you have to do is just simply put your wet umbrella in-between the tool and swirl it, the microfibre is going to absorb the water, so your umbrella will be dryer and good enough to bring it inside. This is such a simple but effective solution, I really hope to see some of us starting to adapt this idea here in Hong Kong, or widely spread around the world, in order to reduce the usage of plastic bags.


Love this place in Bali, DEUX Ex Machina!



The lovely spacious private villa at Canggu, Bali

I was in Bali three time, the second time was in 2011 December. We were staying around the Canggu area, near Echo Beach. We rented this lovely private villa with a super good deal, with a big swimming pool, 3 big bedrooms, huge living space, and only something like USD100 per night! Can’t ask for more! The best thing is, this is also near the Echo Beach, only 5 minutes away, so we can head to the beach easily.


The Echo Beach is just 5 minutes away from our villa

So, we rented a bike, and driving around and look for something to eat, we saw this interesting house standing in the middle of the green. This house looks stylish, with DEUS and something written on the wall, can see from faraway. So, we made a detour and headed to that direction, let’s check it out what is that.


The DEUS in the middle of the green

Well, actually that is a very interesting place, very stylish and nicely done! Love the concept, and actually would love to open something like this one day! Shop that selling motorbike, surf boards, t-shirts, caps, and etc. How they decorate the entire space is just super cool! Looks like a gallery, they also do music, so there are records, mixing with art pieces. You can just spend hours looking into every single thing! On the other side, there is the cafe / restaurant, food is amazing! Great place to hang out, and easily you can spend half of your day there without getting bored!

This is the coolest place around that area, and we just keep going back!

One day, we went to the shopping area, to do some shopping, we also found one DEUS store selling fashion and a bit of something else. Such a cool concept! So, I started to do some research on it, and found out that they actually have stores in different cities / countries, such as Tokyo, Milan, Sydney and L.A. And they are actually selling their products through other channels as well.

I am not sure how the rest of the DEUS looks like, but if you are travelling to Bali, why not checking it out? You might also find a kitten to keep you company for dinner 😉

Deus Ex Machina



Green Living, do not was7e food!


Green living is not a new topic at all, we started to talk about environmental friendly, recycling and green living since long time. But there are still new things that we can do everyday, such as low carbon living, and today I would like to talk about food waste.

The Hong Kong Government started to run this food waste recycling project back in 2013, but I would say, there are still a lot of work to do and more education needs to be done. Nowadays, we are more aware of recycling paper, aluminum, plastic, metal, glass bottle, and etc. We can easily find recycle bins on the street or in some of the building, that collect mainly paper, plastic and aluminum. But for food waste, is still not popular yet.

The idea to recycle food waste is fantastic! Think about we can recycle them, and turn them into pig feed, fertilizer or methane for heat and power generation. Turning waste into treasure and reduce the landfills, I really want to support this programme.

The building where my office is, they started this food waste collection few months ago. There is a box distributed to each office and they collect food waste everyday, and there is a machine at the building to process this collected food waste into liquid fertilizer for the onsite plants. How great is that! I actually want to look for someone to collect food waste at home as well, but I need to do some more research and see how to do it, as the building management at home is not supporting any kind of recycling project. There are no recycle bins at the building, I have to carry the recycled paper that I collected, and bring them to those bin on the street. So, until I find my solution, I am bringing my food waste from home to office. I know it might sounds a bit crazy, collecting food waste everyday and bring to office, which is a bit smelly… But I want to make my little step and help to save the globe, we should all help to save our global village.