Such a clever idea, love this show – Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

Recently I came across with this show on You Tube and I just love it and cannot stop watching all episodes! It’s such a simple idea but super smart, to get all the singers singing with the host in the car. I guess we all sing when we are driving, especially when we are alone. When we are travelling with friends or family on a road trip, I believe one of the fun part is play loud music and sing together. 

It’s fun to watch James singing together and he actually sings really well, some of the guests are quite surprise, for example Adele. I have to say it’s actually so nice to watch all these great artists, singing in such a casual way, not on the stage performing, and having fun with James as well. Such as Adele singing Spice Girl and showing her rapping skill, Chris Martin playing keyboard, Elton John with feathers and showing his dancing skill, really entertaining! In my view, so far the only one I like the least is Mariah Carrey, she didn’t sing so much and sitting really still in the car.

One of the cutest one is the Stevie Wonder one, James asked Stevie to call his wife and Stevie was saying to James’ wife with “I just called to say James loves you….” James was ended up with wet eyes, so sweet.

Just catched up with the JLo one tonight, the texting with Leo part is funny. Hope to see more ……!


Finally Leonardo DiCaprio got this little golden man home!

YAY! Finally, finally, finally…… It’s the turn of Leonardo DiCaprio to win the Oscar’s Best Actor in a leading role! Such a long journey to come.

It’s been a busy night, rushed home to watch the Oscar Academy Award. With the time difference, I’ve already knew all the result of Oscar this morning, but still would love to watch the show. The Host this year is Chris Rock, not much surprise from Chris, and the show talked about colour a lot. Making use of Chris’ colour to talk about colour, black, yellow, and different nationality, Australian, Scottish, Mexican, and etc. Many people, especially comedian has been the host of Oscar, those good ones are for example, Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Crystal, Hugh Jackman, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Martin, but for Chris Rock this year, I would say not good.

For the high-light of the night, of course everyone is waiting for those big awards as usual. The Best Actor and Actress in a leading role, Best Director and Best Picture. For the Best Actress Brie Larson, not sure if everyone watch Room, I feel a bit weird to see no one is standing up when they announce that. Competing with actresses like Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Lawrence, is not an easy job, but Brie still manage to win the award, I will try to spend time watching this movie.

After winning two key awards, Golden Globes and BAFTA, and many other awards, such as Alliance of Women Film Journalists, Circuit Community Awards, BSFC, Cristics Choice Award, CFCA, DFWFCA, DFCS, Dorian Award, GFCA, KCFCC Award, Sierra Award, NFCS Award, and so many more that is hard to count. It’s really about time for Leonardo to win the Oscar this year! 5 times nomination, and he has been so close to win in 2014 with The Wolf of Wall Street, but unfortunately the Oscar goes to… Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club. He didn’t win back then, maybe because the movie was not serious enough, it has to be serious to win the Oscar, it’s a bit unfair for a movie like that. This time should be the time, The Revenant is serious enough, good story, good acting, good movie, cannot go wrong! It’s good to see when someone really deserves something, but still being humble and feeling so grateful for what he is getting. A man that is also so concern about our planet, I salute you, Leo! You really deserve it!!!


Candy Crush calms me down

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 11.18.42 pm.png

I love to play Candy Crush, this is the only game that I am playing, and right now I am at level 1522 already. My husband said that we must be very rich if we can make money from Candy Crush! That’s a funny thought……

Such company make so much money from creating game, for example the company King, who created Candy Crush almost making a billion US dollars annually. Think about the amount of people that are playing this game everyday, including myself, there are around 550 million active players everyday according to the record in last year. The game is free for download, but if you are so hook up with such game, you just want to make the level through, and at certain point, you would just pay and get some boosters to help yourself to get it to another level. That’s how such apps make money.

I don’t know why Candy Crush just can calm me down. I do not addicted to game that much, but I remembered I love to play similar game since I was a teenager. I guess that has to do with my visual stuffs, all the game that I am addicted to it are quite similar, it’s all about visual arrangement. For example, tetris back in the old days with game boy, solitaire was one of the first computer game, or I used to play it with my palm, an early version of personal devise. I love to play also the bejeweled, again something about visual arrangement.

So every night I need to have a bit of Candy Crush moment before I go to sleep, or sometimes when I want to have a rest, I need a rest with Candy Crush, just for me to chill. In a world that is so focus on arranging and arranging….




My OCD – everything has to be in order 



Each of us might have a bit of OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. Most of the people might be dealing with cleanliness issues, or repeating the same actions, such as switching the light on and off, or closing the door for repeating many times, just like Jack Nicholson in the movie “As Good As it Gets”. My OCD is everything has to be in order and arranged nicely.

Magazine arrangement on book shelf, must be by type of magazine, by title and then in order of the issue. If one of the issue is not in order, I will feel very annoying and must put back in order. 

DVD, CD arrangement, by type of movie, and then alphabetical order of the movie title. For Chinese movie is a bit difficult, will group by director or key actor.

Wardrobe arrangement, for folding is by category, then by colour or pattern. For hanging is by category, by colour and then by thickness and length.

Shoes arrangement, by type, high heels, flats, sports shoes. Then by seasonality, Summer shoes and Winter shoes. Then by brand.

Dollar bill arrangement in wallet, by amount and put the same amount and fold them together with the same side facing in. 

I cannot really stand things getting messy, like my desk at work, it’s always so tidy with almost nothing on it. Most of the time, I am using computer. And of course the arrangement and organisation of the folders are also very important.

If something it’s not in place, for example the clock on the wall is slanted a bit, I must fix it even its in the middle of the dinner. 

I guess that explain well, why I’m in such a business, visual merchandising! Not sure if it is a kind of OCD.


Living in an acronyms world @_@


I am working in an American Company, and there are a lot of communication going on, not just email. As everybody is using instant messenger nowadays, we want to sort things out quicker, talk quicker or use less time to type, we tend to type in short form. There are acronyms that is more common, and easier to understand, for example asap, as soon as possible. But some of them are really hard to get it in the first place, might take me 10 seconds to figure out what exactly is that mean, or I might not be able to get it, and I ended up google it to find out the meaning. I don’t know if America is famous for using acronyms, as one of my British friend was saying I am too American, when I use POV, point of view, during our chat. Maybe, that’s an American thing! I still remember the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”, that girl Jessica just talk in acronyms, H & G, Hi and Good-bye. When she and the son of Tom Hanks writing this letter to Meg Ryans, she wrote MFEO, made for each other! So, Jessica  maybe the first person mastering the acronyms and being the pioneer of the trend.

I guess a lot of acronyms have been widely used nowadays, for example, lol, WTF, OMG, OIC, CU, RIP and etc. But here are something that I’ve learned and would like to share:

OOO – out of office, example: I am OOO today, will get back to you soon.

EOD – end of day, example: Please submit your proposal EOD

URW – you are welcome

NVM – never mind, took me long time to understand, why not just NM?

TTYL – talk to you later

LTNS – long time no see

WRU, HRU – where are you , how are you

That is just for the daily communication part, of course there are a lot of acronyms about our industry and as a company jargon. For a new comer, for sure need a glossary in order to understand all the terminology. During a meeting, you just keep hearing all these acronyms, GTM, KPI, ADS, AUR, QRS, POS, SKU, R&C, GWP, OOH, TOC, POG, PDP, L&D, SOH, WOS, LY, TY, RF, and on and on and on…….

Poor new joiners, I can see flies around their heads! I don’t know, maybe one day we just write like this, I NTGN, TTYL & CU 2ML. Sometimes I just want to remind myself to write in full, even like as soon as possible, to write the full version. Be original…



VINYL is finally running! Nice show!

VINYL - Series 1

Sky Atlantic / HBO

We’ve been watching this trailer for a while, and finally this new TV show is running. It premiered on HBO this morning, US time 14th February night time. Of course the talking point is all about the crew behind the scene, the story is created by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese, together with Rich Cohen and Terence Winter. This idea was first suggested by Jagger to Scorsese, in 1996. And Mick Jagger’s son, James is actually playing a role in this TV series.

I was actually not so aware of all these stories behind, I was just watching the show, but then I started to google it and found out all these interesting stories behind. It is nice to have all those information. For example, I feel those sex and drugs scenes remind me of “The wolf of wall street”. Here you go, one of the creator, Terence Winter, who wrote “The wolf of wall street” and of course Scorsese is the director! OK, I got it! It is definitely a nice show to watch, the first episode is 2 hours long and is directed by Martin Scorsese. The funny thing is, each episode is directed by different director. For the time being, they have 5 episodes line-up, but not sure who else are going to direct the rest of those 5, as there will be 10 episodes in total. But according to the information, Scorsese already confirmed to do one more episode.

Since it is a show about music and record company, of course there will be a lot of nice music playing in the show. Don’t worry! Atlantic Records and Warner Bros Records will release the music and they are going to do the weekly releases of digital EPs on iTunes. Of course you can imagine a huge amount of money was spent on the music right, and believed to be more than 6 figures per episode!

Here are some interesting things you might want to know about this show, check it out at:

21 things you need to know about Vinyl

Wikipedia of Vinyl

Vinyl on IMDB

Vinyl on HBO




Love this place in Bali, DEUX Ex Machina!



The lovely spacious private villa at Canggu, Bali

I was in Bali three time, the second time was in 2011 December. We were staying around the Canggu area, near Echo Beach. We rented this lovely private villa with a super good deal, with a big swimming pool, 3 big bedrooms, huge living space, and only something like USD100 per night! Can’t ask for more! The best thing is, this is also near the Echo Beach, only 5 minutes away, so we can head to the beach easily.


The Echo Beach is just 5 minutes away from our villa

So, we rented a bike, and driving around and look for something to eat, we saw this interesting house standing in the middle of the green. This house looks stylish, with DEUS and something written on the wall, can see from faraway. So, we made a detour and headed to that direction, let’s check it out what is that.


The DEUS in the middle of the green

Well, actually that is a very interesting place, very stylish and nicely done! Love the concept, and actually would love to open something like this one day! Shop that selling motorbike, surf boards, t-shirts, caps, and etc. How they decorate the entire space is just super cool! Looks like a gallery, they also do music, so there are records, mixing with art pieces. You can just spend hours looking into every single thing! On the other side, there is the cafe / restaurant, food is amazing! Great place to hang out, and easily you can spend half of your day there without getting bored!

This is the coolest place around that area, and we just keep going back!

One day, we went to the shopping area, to do some shopping, we also found one DEUS store selling fashion and a bit of something else. Such a cool concept! So, I started to do some research on it, and found out that they actually have stores in different cities / countries, such as Tokyo, Milan, Sydney and L.A. And they are actually selling their products through other channels as well.

I am not sure how the rest of the DEUS looks like, but if you are travelling to Bali, why not checking it out? You might also find a kitten to keep you company for dinner 😉

Deus Ex Machina