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A little bit about Ginger Spice

Sharing cooking idea with you! That’s the major reason I am writing this blog.

I love to eat and drink, love to cook too. Good food, good wine always play important parts of my daily life.

I am health conscious too, I am a yogi and I practice yoga every week. Besides that, also love to hike, run, and swim, especially love to walk with my lovely doggies. Trying my best to cook and eat healthy too!

I am also very concern about this planet, hope to do something to save it as much as we can. Zero-waste cooking is going to be a new topic for sure!

I love dogs, and most of the animal. But I only have two dogs at the moment, two lovely black labrador retrievers. We should definitely cook for our dogs, and try not to feed them with kibbles or can food.

I love to travel, if I could, I would like to travel a lot and try to taste around the world. The world is so big, and I still need to visit many places. So far I’ve been to 227 cities of 29 countries, from Asia to Europe, from North America to Africa, and down under to Australia.

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  1. HEY! i chanced upon your post on the windows for the year of monkey, got really inspired! Will you be doing the year of rooster as well??

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