When you screw it up, you just need to move on and think of a solution…

Tonight I would like to cook something to go with a cabbage salad. I had this cabbage salad the other night at one of this Japanese restaurant and I would like to make this myself. So, I am thinking to have a pork chop to go with the salad.

The pork chop, I am thinking to do with sous vide slow cooking. Have to cook that for 2 hours under 61C, so I should start to prepare it early. Simply marinate the pork chop with olive oil, oregano, lemon peel and some mixed spices, let that sit at least for half an hour. Then, put them in vacuum bag and cook in 61C hot water for 2 hours.

Meanwhile, we can prepare the cabbage salad. Instead of cutting the cabbage in thin strips, we cut them in bigger pieces. Place all cabbage in a large salad bowl, then put cherry tomatoes and some fried pancetta, mixed them well together.

When I was getting the sauce ready, I cooked it and blend it in the food processor, the lid was opened. When I try to reach up in the cabinet for plates, and trying to serve the dish, I didn’t place the plates back in place. One plate dropped and hit my glass of wine, and smashed the glass and the plate into pieces. It was totally a mess, and I’ve even got broken glass in the sauce! So, I have to throw away the sauce, and now what……? I cannot be stuck with the situation, but I don’t want to re-do the sauce. I decided to use the salad dressing, which is a ready made one I bought at the Japanese grocery store. Sesame and peanut with pomelo flavour.

Over taste good, but my husband said, German says should not eat cabbage raw as that is going to cause stomach problem. But Japanese always does that, and I just have that the other night and there was no problem, let’s see.

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