More benefit from Turmeric that I am surprise we can use it for dogs as well!!!

Healing with Turmeric Golden Paste for Dogs

I’ve learned a lot of good things about turmeric, I cook with it, I drink with it, but I didn’t know turmeric can also do good to our dogs. I am surprise to find out that we can actually feed our dogs with turmeric and help them to improve their health condition.

My 6 years old labrador is suffering from arthritis these days. It started few months ago with a bit of limping after rest, but she looks totally fine when she is out for a walk. It got more worse about a month ago, so we did x-ray at the clinic and confirmed that she got arthritis. She’s been taking Carprofen for 2 weeks, but the limping came back few days after she finished the course. So we carried on with the Carprofen for 2 more weeks, but we think she might still have problem after stopping the pill. We really don’t want her to end up with operation, so I was searching online to see if we can find any recommendation or tips from others to see what others solution can we come up with.

Browsing on internet, looks like it’s hard to heal and it will not get better, we can only monitor it and make sure that is not getting more serious. As I came across the page of the Dogs Naturally magazine website, I was surprise to learn that we can feed our dogs with turmeric! This recipe of golden paste for dogs is created by Dr Doug English, this vet is an expert about turmeric, and he even has a website talking about turmeric for animals.

Turmeric Life by Dr. Doug English

I’ve made this golden paste for our dogs the night after I found this recipe, just right after our girl finished her second time of 2-week Carprofen course. The ingredient is very simple, turmeric, black pepper, coconut oil and water. If you can find the organic ingredients, that will be better! I was a bit skeptical about giving black pepper to our dogs, but I guess the amount is very little, which should be fine. Let’s see how will this go, but both of our dogs don’t mind to have this paste in their food. Hope this natural remedy could help!

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