Love the recycle and be rewarded program at Kiehl’s and MAC

I love to recycle, if something that we can reuse, why not? The world is suffering and we should really help to save any kind of resources. I remember Body Shop used to run their recycling program back in the old days, not sure if they are still doing that. Since I don’t really shop there any more, so I don’t know. I tried to search online, but cannot find that as a key initiative.

For Kiehl’s, they are running this Recycle and be Rewarded Program, you just need to return the empty bottles to collect stamps, and you can get a complimentary gift by collecting 10 stamps. To be honest, I would have just do that without getting any rewards. If just a little action that we can save the world, why not? If you are willing to contribute, remember to put those empty plastic bottles into the recycle bin for recycling. Of course you have to make sure those are material that could be recycled to start with.

Another beauty or skin care product that I use could be recycled is the MAC’s foundation container. You just need to collect 6 foundation containers and return back to MAC, you will get a free lipstick, from a certain range of products, not applies to all though. I actually don’t use lipstick much, but still good to have them recycled.

I believe there are more companies or shops out there running such program, I heard that Origin is also doing so. I think we should all look into how to sustain, and we should help and participate.

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