The best looking water bottle – VOSS 

I have been trying to look for a nice water bottle for almost one year, was thinking between plastic or glass? Maybe glass is better, as you don’t need to consider the BPA. But then, plastic will be a lot lighter than glass. I saw one of my colleague is using this glass bottle from Takeya, looking really good, but I could not find it here in Hong Kong. I saw some glass bottle also wrapped in silicon, selling at Lulu Lemon, first of all, do not like the design of the silicon wrap that much, and the price is still kind of expensive, around USD30-40. I am just thinking to get something around USD20, it’s really tough to find something with that price range and with a nice design.

So, why don’t we look into the water bottle, like VOSS or Evian? I remember the design of Voss is very good, some restaurant they try to re-use their bottle to serve water. I also remember I’ve been seeing glass bottle of Evian. So, I tried to check that out at Citysuper! again, but then they don’t have the Evian with glass. I ended up getting the Voss bottle of water for USD4, and definitely it is cheaper than getting an expansive water bottle, maybe the design is not even good. I am happy with my solution, but I am still thinking maybe I should get a Takeya bottle one day. 

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