Cannot miss that! World’s favourite Biryani in Hyderabad at Paradise

Indian food is not on my favourite list, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Shanghainese, Italian, French, Spanish, and etc. Hardly think about Indian food, but now I am in India, of course would like to explore more local food as possible. This is my third time in India, I still do not like Indian food for my last two visits, but I start to like it this time. Maybe I will start to cook some Indian food after I get back home.

I’ve been hearing Briyani many times during this trip, that’s the food my local colleagues keep talking about, and they said it is so good and you will have food coma after that. They said we must go to have Biryani for lunch when we are in Hyderabad. So, we are here today, and of course I do not want to miss the opportunity to try it!

They bought us to this restaurant called Paradise, it is a restaurant since 1953. The look is so authentic Indian, with dark red table cloth, and the entire restaurant is full of Indian. They told me Hyderabad is a city full of IT people, just like Bangalore. I am thinking, how could they get back to work after this big lunch in food coma? I am sharing one chicken biryani with another colleague, and I am also having some butter naam with boneless chicken in curry. I love it, taste so good and the chicken is so moist and tender. I love the long-grain rice more and more, and as usual the naam taste so good as well. As they said, you would not be able to finish one bowl by yourself. I actually could even finish half, of course part of the fact is because I was also having naam and some curry. One of the local colleague, he ordered a vegetable biryani and he doesn’t want to share with anybody else, he can finish the entire bowl by himself. Amazing! One more thing, I just found out this fresheners are actually fennel seeds with sugar coating, as I don’t know that in past.

I felt very satisfied, and luckily I was still awake after lunch, no food coma! I will try to cook that when I am back home!

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