Are you a food adventurer? I always love to explore local food when travelling…

India for sure is not the cleanest and safest country in the world, the impression of India could be dirty, especially when you are talking about drinking water. Everyone knows that you should always drink from a sealed bottle of water, you should brush your teeth with bottle of water, and not rinse your mouth with the tab water. Water supply seems to be an issue in India, and people here would suggested you to eat everything that is cooked. For example, do not eat salad or even the garnish, that usually is not cooked.

Yesterday, we were having lunch in this Indian Restaurant in Mumbai, at one point I was eating this raw onion, and I was thinking if that is safe to eat? The locals looking at me and said onion should be fine. Luckily, touchwood, so far so good. Usually when I travel, I do prefer to have local food, to taste the true and authentic side of that cuisine, of course is to have that in that country. Even last time during my travel in India, which was few years ago, I remembered I was having hard time with my stomach. Food was too spicy and at same point my stomach could not take it any more. So, I learned to ask for not spicy, or little spicy, as the standard of spicy is so different here in India. Anyway, Indian food is never on my list, but maybe slowly and slowly, I start to like it.

Today, we had lunch at the food court in this shopping mall. Not that food court would be my favourite, it’s just because that is suggested by the local team, and I believe they provide the best suggestion to us. To be honest, not bad at all! I start to love the long grain rice, less starchy and more healthy, and actually taste like rice noodle somehow. I also love Indian bread, so many different kind of bread, and I guess I should start to learn them, roti, paratha, bhatura, and etc… The funny thing is, I am actually liking the food on the plane when we fly with Air India.

Just arrived in Bangalore tonight, and prefer to have a good rest, we decided to stay in hotel and do room service. Would like to have a glass of wine for dinner, but they do not offer white wine by glass for the imported wine. So, I have to go for local wine, there are two options for white wine selection, Sula Sauvignon Blanc and Grover. The person taking my order suggest Sula to me, and he said I will love it. I still managed to finish the glass of white wine, but I think I should have order a bottle of beer instead. Well, at least I’ve tried!

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