Such a clever idea, love this show – Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

Recently I came across with this show on You Tube and I just love it and cannot stop watching all episodes! It’s such a simple idea but super smart, to get all the singers singing with the host in the car. I guess we all sing when we are driving, especially when we are alone. When we are travelling with friends or family on a road trip, I believe one of the fun part is play loud music and sing together. 

It’s fun to watch James singing together and he actually sings really well, some of the guests are quite surprise, for example Adele. I have to say it’s actually so nice to watch all these great artists, singing in such a casual way, not on the stage performing, and having fun with James as well. Such as Adele singing Spice Girl and showing her rapping skill, Chris Martin playing keyboard, Elton John with feathers and showing his dancing skill, really entertaining! In my view, so far the only one I like the least is Mariah Carrey, she didn’t sing so much and sitting really still in the car.

One of the cutest one is the Stevie Wonder one, James asked Stevie to call his wife and Stevie was saying to James’ wife with “I just called to say James loves you….” James was ended up with wet eyes, so sweet.

Just catched up with the JLo one tonight, the texting with Leo part is funny. Hope to see more ……!

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