Better round than square – Fossil smart watch

I am always an Apple fan, I’ve got almost all kinds of Apple products, Apple computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, Time Machine and etc. But I didn’t get the Apple Watch, not yet, maybe later… Why? Just not sure about the price and the look, especially the square shape.

Eventually I bought this Fossil Q, smart watch. I think first of all, the look is better than Apple Watch, it looks like a normal watch and is in round shape. Function wise maybe less than what an Apple Watch can do, but I just think for the time being is good enough. I can read my email, remind me when there is a call, all instant messages, know how many steps I made, read weather forecast, and etc. One of my favourite function is google Translate. I can speak to the watch and it’s going to translate into the language I want, how fantastic is that! I heard that actually you can reply message with your watch if you are pairing with an android phone. Unfortunately I’m using iPhone, so this function is not working. 

Overall I am happy enough to pay an amount of a regular watch to get a smart watch, same amount with better value. 

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