Learn to cry in front of others is hard

In the past, I care so much about not showing vulnerability in front of others. I just feel weird to cry in front of people, anyone including my parents or my friend. I could cry in front of the person I love, but other than that, it is hard for me to accept myself with tears.

I think I changed these years, I feel more comfortable if I need to cry in front of others. I just think that’s part of myself, my emotion, nothing is wrong to cry. Crying is just part of my feeling, same as laughing, no need to feel bad about it. If you need to cry, cry! If you need to laugh, laugh! Feel free to express how you feel.

Well, sometimes that is hard for everyone. I am not sure how many of you’ve been crying in front of your friends, even people you treat them as friends, but you might not want to cry in front of them. Having the girls night out the other night, getting everyone to express their true feeling deep inside of them, and getting all the tears out, it’s totally not easy! Maybe the first time for me to see some tears from certain friends, but that made me feel them to be more real and more their true-self. It is easy to be friends and laugh together, have fun together; but that make you more close as a friend, should be the crying part, the moment that you feel to share your emotion with them. Crying together definitely can make you two a true friends!

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