Candy Crush calms me down

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 11.18.42 pm.png

I love to play Candy Crush, this is the only game that I am playing, and right now I am at level 1522 already. My husband said that we must be very rich if we can make money from Candy Crush! That’s a funny thought……

Such company make so much money from creating game, for example the company King, who created Candy Crush almost making a billion US dollars annually. Think about the amount of people that are playing this game everyday, including myself, there are around 550 million active players everyday according to the record in last year. The game is free for download, but if you are so hook up with such game, you just want to make the level through, and at certain point, you would just pay and get some boosters to help yourself to get it to another level. That’s how such apps make money.

I don’t know why Candy Crush just can calm me down. I do not addicted to game that much, but I remembered I love to play similar game since I was a teenager. I guess that has to do with my visual stuffs, all the game that I am addicted to it are quite similar, it’s all about visual arrangement. For example, tetris back in the old days with game boy, solitaire was one of the first computer game, or I used to play it with my palm, an early version of personal devise. I love to play also the bejeweled, again something about visual arrangement.

So every night I need to have a bit of Candy Crush moment before I go to sleep, or sometimes when I want to have a rest, I need a rest with Candy Crush, just for me to chill. In a world that is so focus on arranging and arranging….



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