My OCD – everything has to be in order 



Each of us might have a bit of OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. Most of the people might be dealing with cleanliness issues, or repeating the same actions, such as switching the light on and off, or closing the door for repeating many times, just like Jack Nicholson in the movie “As Good As it Gets”. My OCD is everything has to be in order and arranged nicely.

Magazine arrangement on book shelf, must be by type of magazine, by title and then in order of the issue. If one of the issue is not in order, I will feel very annoying and must put back in order. 

DVD, CD arrangement, by type of movie, and then alphabetical order of the movie title. For Chinese movie is a bit difficult, will group by director or key actor.

Wardrobe arrangement, for folding is by category, then by colour or pattern. For hanging is by category, by colour and then by thickness and length.

Shoes arrangement, by type, high heels, flats, sports shoes. Then by seasonality, Summer shoes and Winter shoes. Then by brand.

Dollar bill arrangement in wallet, by amount and put the same amount and fold them together with the same side facing in. 

I cannot really stand things getting messy, like my desk at work, it’s always so tidy with almost nothing on it. Most of the time, I am using computer. And of course the arrangement and organisation of the folders are also very important.

If something it’s not in place, for example the clock on the wall is slanted a bit, I must fix it even its in the middle of the dinner. 

I guess that explain well, why I’m in such a business, visual merchandising! Not sure if it is a kind of OCD.

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