Wearing high heels is about the look, to make you look good!

my all time favourite Martin Margiela

I love high heels, it’s my look at work most of the time. I love high heels with a bit of twist, avant garde type, not the feminine type of high heels.  People always asked me this question, “Why do you need to wear high heels? You are already tall enough.” My model answer would be, “Wearing high heels is about the look, to make you look good.”

I wear high heels almost everyday when I go to work, to make myself look more presentable, especially for the day that I have to present or having important meeting. Or, sometimes I just feel like dressing up a bit. A casual outfit match with a pair of nice high heels, will change the look totally. But on the other hand, it is painful to wear the high heels for the whole day. I used to do that in the old days, but you really cannot do that with public transport, running up and down at the tube/subway station. It’s way too much for your feet! If you have to wear high heels for the whole day, you better just take taxi or drive from one point to another. And you would not be able to stand for more than 3 hours in total for the entire day. If you stand for too long, no matter how comfortable the high heels are, you just want to take the shoes off. It’s just painful! High heels are made to make you look better, but on the other hand, to torture you.

Nowadays, I always wear a pair of flats to work, and change into high heels after I get back to office. In this way, I still have the look at work, but then I don’t have to kill myself. For some people, maybe they still prefer to have that total look with high heels when they are on the way to work. Please make sure you have a pair of flats in office, so that you can always rest your feet under the desk when you don’t have to walk around. It’s important to look good, but it’s also important to take care of your feet, so always have a back-up plan for your feet, a pair of flats.

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