If you are not sure about adoption, try to foster a dog to start with

Max is waiting for the fetching game, today with Mia

I brought my two labradors with me to a gathering the other day at my friend’s place, her husband just love them. He always likes dog, and now he really wants to have a dog but my friend is still not sure about it, as she is not sure if she is ready to commit. I think if people are not sure about adoption, can always try to foster. You can try and see if you feel comfortable to have a dog in your life, to test it out and see if you can handle the walking part and activity that you have to do with your dog. If you are not sure, can still return the dog after the foster period, but I guess most of the people will ended up with adopting the dog.

Our first labrador Max is adopted, we got him from one of the dog shelter, Hong Kong Dog Rescue. That was a crazy day because my husband and I went to HKDR to see him, confirmed to take him home, even my husband was not too sure about Max (he said there’s a dark side of Max that he was not so sure about). We brought him with us, took him to the grooming center for a bath and then brought him home. We showed him around, and also brought him up to the roof top to show him some open space. Suddenly, he just jump over the wall and of course he fell from the roof down to the ground. We heard this loud smashing sound, and my husband and I looked at each other, said fxxk!!!!! We thought for sure he is dead! How could he survive from a 12 meter jump? We found him landed in the terrace of the ground floor, and after checking with the building management, the person lived there was out of town. Therefore, we could not open the door and save Max. My husband went to the side of the building and calling Max’s name, and he was able to hear him moaning, also can see his eyes in the dark. After a crazy long procedure with the police, and then SPCA, we finally got the firemen to rescue Max from the first floor. The firemen are always the best, so efficient, they got Max rescue in a minute. There was some blood coming out from his rear part, we brought him to the SPCA, and did the X-ray to check. Confirmed that all the internal organs were fine, but there was fracture at the pelvic. Luckily it’s not completely broken and collapse, otherwise can affect and damage the organs. We guess the canopy saved Max’s life, and he landed on the canopy before hitting the ground.

Luckily we were not living in a high rise building with roof top, just a low rise. Can’t imagine if Max jumped from 20th floors or even 10th floor. It took Max 3 weeks to be able to walk the stair or jump on the sofa again, we were carrying him everyday two to three times down the street to do his business. As we were living in a walk-up building, needed to carry him and took all those steps was not easy. I guess that incident helped us to bond very well, since then he trusted us a lot, of course with the proper training and rehabilitation. He used to scare of almost everything, like cats, brooms and etc. But my husband spent a lot of time to build up his confident and trust. That helps Max to become the best dog in the world! To rescue a dog, to save a life, it’s a lifetime commitment, and the thing that you can learn from your dog and what your dogs can offer you is priceless!!!


Max could not moved so much after the injury




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