Living in an acronyms world @_@


I am working in an American Company, and there are a lot of communication going on, not just email. As everybody is using instant messenger nowadays, we want to sort things out quicker, talk quicker or use less time to type, we tend to type in short form. There are acronyms that is more common, and easier to understand, for example asap, as soon as possible. But some of them are really hard to get it in the first place, might take me 10 seconds to figure out what exactly is that mean, or I might not be able to get it, and I ended up google it to find out the meaning. I don’t know if America is famous for using acronyms, as one of my British friend was saying I am too American, when I use POV, point of view, during our chat. Maybe, that’s an American thing! I still remember the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”, that girl Jessica just talk in acronyms, H & G, Hi and Good-bye. When she and the son of Tom Hanks writing this letter to Meg Ryans, she wrote MFEO, made for each other! So, Jessica  maybe the first person mastering the acronyms and being the pioneer of the trend.

I guess a lot of acronyms have been widely used nowadays, for example, lol, WTF, OMG, OIC, CU, RIP and etc. But here are something that I’ve learned and would like to share:

OOO – out of office, example: I am OOO today, will get back to you soon.

EOD – end of day, example: Please submit your proposal EOD

URW – you are welcome

NVM – never mind, took me long time to understand, why not just NM?

TTYL – talk to you later

LTNS – long time no see

WRU, HRU – where are you , how are you

That is just for the daily communication part, of course there are a lot of acronyms about our industry and as a company jargon. For a new comer, for sure need a glossary in order to understand all the terminology. During a meeting, you just keep hearing all these acronyms, GTM, KPI, ADS, AUR, QRS, POS, SKU, R&C, GWP, OOH, TOC, POG, PDP, L&D, SOH, WOS, LY, TY, RF, and on and on and on…….

Poor new joiners, I can see flies around their heads! I don’t know, maybe one day we just write like this, I NTGN, TTYL & CU 2ML. Sometimes I just want to remind myself to write in full, even like as soon as possible, to write the full version. Be original…


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