Ea7 . Drink . Talk

Today I am having this gathering with friends, I brought this nice looking box set of Sake for the gathering. I love to eat and drink, love to hang out with people with the same interest! 

Eight of us, gathering at a friend’s place, having barbecue. We’ve been non-stop eating, drinking, talking, eating, drinking, talking for 8 hours. What a nice gathering! With nice food, beef, pork chop, chicken wings, lobster, corn, mushroom, fish, clams, assorted balls, ended with rice and noodles, so much to eat! Of course, also a lot to drink, champagne, white wine, red wine, sake and whisky. It’s funny that I don’t feel drunk at all, not even tipsy, maybe because I kept eating. 

The nicest thing is the talking part! Good to catch up with friends, and talk about everything and anything. We talked about life, relationship, work, animals, kids, and the most funny part is always about those fun memories. About what we’ve done in the old days, things to laugh about! I treasure the friendship very much, as it is hard to build friendship with colleagues, it is good to have these ex-colleagues to become the true friends.

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