The look of 7he day project since October 2009

I would like to do this project since long long time ago, I know I am not the first one doing this, but I just would love to do this. I would like to take a picture of myself everyday, so I can review how did I look everyday few years or many years later. Every time when I go through my albums, I am so amazed how much did I change and transform. That’s where the idea from, I just would like to know how my taste level transform as well. When I look back some of my old pictures, I have no idea how on earth I could dress like that. lol…….. no idea at all….. That’s the interesting part of it, and I would like to make a look book out of it. So, I started this project in October 2009, and I am really doing this every day, taking picture of myself every day with the same posture, standing straight. And I guess right now, I’ve collected over thousand pictures. I am waiting for more to come……. It is also funny to see the background, as sometimes I travel, I’ve moved flat, and etc, that all has been shown in the picture as a background. It is definitely fun to go through.

Another inspiration for this project is from this movie, Smoke, directed by Wayne Wong. Harvey Keitel is playing this role and he is taking picture of his corner shop every single day at exactly the same time. And one day, he forgot to take picture because something happened, which kind of change his life. I don’t remember the detail of the story anymore, but it’s a nice movie, should re-watch it one day. Sometimes I could miss taking picture, but most of the time I do. It is nice to have a collection of myself and seeing the transformation. Something funny is, the core of the fashion trend doesn’t change so much, and most of the clothes, I’ve been wearing for many years. And the way to mix and match certain piece is more or less the same. Maybe my style doesn’t change so much, well, at least for the last six years.

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