Tomorrow will be a better day – we need that rainbow in our heart

What is the importance of having friends? Not just a friend that you give a like on Facebook, I am talking about BFF here, Best Friends Forever, and I guess it’s tough to find true friends, as hard as finding true love! It’s great to have BFF in your life, you can share everything, talk about anything, you can share laughters and tears. You have nothing to hide in front of them, well I better say you should have nothing to hide, but sometimes we do prefer to step back a little bit. Not hiding, but no need to tell the full story.

I always love to spread positive energy around, and I for sure love to stay with positive type. We can all have our down moments, but we should see that as a challenge and bounce back. If it’s possible, I would like to paint a rainbow in everyone’s heart. To have positive influence towards everyone, and make them feel everything is good and positive. To exercise, definitely can charge yourself with some positive energy!

It’s funny, I went for yoga today, and I guess the couple next to me are new to this class and this instructor. The pace and the posture plus the heat maybe too tough for the guy, and at the certain point he started to swear, “fxxk!” Well, I think we should not take the challenge as a “fxxk”, and we should just embrace it and see how can we manage to accomplish it. If not, we can just take it slow, try to work around to see if we can make it, if still a no, that’s ok, at least we can start to practice, and we will see ourselves making some progress one day. Dealing with problem is the same, yes we can swear, “fxxk!” And then, move on and see how to solve it. Always remind yourself of the rainbow, and you will see that one day or maybe you are already riding on it!

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