Getting some positive energy – running with doggies on a sunny day

I don’t know what went wrong last night, something happened in Mongkok area in the middle of the night in Hong Kong. Since the Occupying Central event in Hong Kong in 2014, the tension between police and protesters became very high. Well, after all it’s Chinese New Year, I am not sure who is right and who is wrong any more, somehow you cannot just believe what you’ve seen or what you’ve read. A lot of media manipulation, what I would like to see is a peaceful Hong Kong. Watching the news and seeing people get hurt, both police and protesters. The entire street of Mongkok is a mess, and the street is damaged because the protesters digging bricks on the street, and burning rubbish. Still don’t know who is right, I guess they are very upset, but very sad to see Hong Kong like this. Can we just stay calm and make love not war?

It’s actually a very sunny day, so let’s do something good, and get the positive energy injected. I need some endorphin! Sometimes my two labradors looking at me and they have that look are so eager to have some exercise, to go out and have some fun. It maybe good to go for all of us to run, I love to run with my two labradors, they are great partners to run with. They just run right next to me, with nice pace. It is a good exercise to do with your dogs, go running / jogging together. What I used to do is to hang the leash on my waist, so I can run with both of my hands free without holding any leash. When your dogs are into the running mode, you actually don’t need to do anything, and they just run right next to you. The only thing is, they might need to pee or poo at certain point, you might need to find a spot mid-way, and let them release themselves as part of the reward and carry on for the rest of the exercise. Watch out the weather to make sure your dog will not get overheated, and try not to run for too long, maybe half an hour is good enough for them to start with. If you are not sure, bring some water with you, so they can drink if they feel too hot.

Good to sweat for myself, and also good for my two blackies to exercise and kill some energy, all of us should sleep better tonight 😉

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