Going to the CNY f7ower market is a must before Chinese New Year

I remember when I was a kid, going to the CNY flower market is a must do activity before CNY. When I was still little, I used to go with my father, as mother was always busy with the preparation work for CNY. When I was a teenager, I used to go with my friends. When I was early 20s, I used to go with my boy friend. Nowadays, I used to go with myself only, as the major purpose is go there quickly for some flowers. I don’t want to stay there too long, because there is always packed with lots of people. I don’t know, not sure if I do enjoy going there with my husband nowadays, as there are way too many people as usual.

So, I went to the Victoria Park CNY Flower Market today in the afternoon, I tried to avoid the night time, because usually it is more busy during night time. Today is the day before the New Year’s Eve, and it’s a Saturday, that’s why it’s full of people. I skipped the dry area (selling different things except flowers), and headed straight to the wet area (selling mainly flowers and plants). Daffodil is always one of my favourite CNY flowers, for sure I would like to get one again this year. But I started off with buying a bunch of pink lily, lily smells so nice and they are easy to handle. Going around, and trying to look for a nice pot of orchid. Been to few booths, but cannot get one in the end, don’t know why cannot make up my mind for one. In the middle of the way, there is a booth selling this popular terrarium. I’ve been thinking to get one already, so when I see that, just could not help myself and I ended up to get one of them. I think the terrarium is so nice as part of the home decoration, and I guess maybe one day I should go and learn how to make one myself. Finally I reached the daffodil booth, same company as I bought my daffodil last year. I understood it is kind of difficult for the all the florists this year, as the weather before CNY is so weird, it was so warm in the beginning and then so cold the week before, and not much sunny day. They must have a hard time trying to keep the flowers in good shape for this one time deal before CNY. So, it is hard to get a daffodil that is short and strong with a lot of buds, the one I got is not bad.

I ended up also with a small version of peach blossom, it is also hard to find a nice one, they all look kind of dry and not many flower buds, which is not good. One of the phase we say in Chinese is 花開富貴, meaning fortune comes with blooming flowers. So, that’s the reason why we used to buy flowers for CNY, and especially for flowers like daffodils and peach blossom, that we prefer to have the flowers bloom right on the first day of Chinese New Year. If the flowers are not blooming on the first day, that means bad luck. So, when we try to get flowers, we always prefer to look for flowers with more buds and estimate the time that they are going to bloom. So, I wish all the flowers are going to bloom nicely on the first day of Chinese New Year, which is going to be on the 8th of February.

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