Best 7hing to do with Labrador is swimming and fetching

Having two Labradors, you always want to think of some activities for them, as they are active dogs. They love to go out, to play, to exercise. Walking them as daily routine might not be enough, the best thing to do with them every now and then, is to go swimming in Summer time, or even the not that cold days during Winter.

It’s tough here in Hong Kong somehow to find a place for dogs to swim. Hong Kong is an island and surrounded by water, and there are a lot of beaches in Hong Kong, something about 40 public accessible beaches, whereas 11 of them are located on Hong Kong Island, unfortunately most of them are no dogs allowed. I was trying to find a good spot to bring my two Labradors for swimming, I used to go to the Shek O Back Beach. They can hike a bit and then swim there, not too bad. It’s a stone beach, and sometimes the wave could be big. 

I found another spot which is quite nice, it is actually a long strand next to the barbecue place at Deep Water Bay, you reach this little beach after a seaside walkway, not much wave and it’s a stone beach. Very good spot to play with your dogs with fetching game and they can just go and chase into the water. Such a fun thing to do, and good to kill some energy. We also like to bring them to the Shek O Main Beach during Winter time, when there is no life guard so no one care about bringing dogs. Well, actually can also do that after the guards are off duty at night time during Summer. Can bring your dogs and do barbecue right on the beach, which is so nice.

Another option is to bring your dogs to the dog swimming pool. There are few places like this in Hong Kong, with dog playground and swimming pool, it’s actually fun to go as it is hard to find a big land with green grass for dogs to run around here. The only thing is a bit far away from where I live and no human can swim together with the dogs in the pool, but still good to go there once in a while. Our girl loves to collect all the toys in the pool, her record is have 3 toys in her mouth, such a true retriever!


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