Love travel, and my Starbucks City Mug collec7ion

I love to travel for leisure, and I need to travel for work too. In the old days, I love to get some little things as souvenir for memory, especially something that you cannot get it back home. For example, I love Paperchase in London, nowadays you can shop everything online, but there was no such thing back then. When I was studying fashion design in university, I love to buy nice paper for presentation. Paperchase is a stationery store that offers a huge variety of paper selection. So, when I traveled to London the first time, I bought a lot of paper back from Paperchase. I’ve got so many that I still have some of them now after so many years. I also like to shop at Tokyu Hands, when I go to Tokyo the first time, I was amazed by how big Tokyu Hands is, and the range of products they offered. I wanted to buy a lot of things, but could not. Why don’t they just open a store in Hong Kong?

Nowadays, you can almost buy everything everywhere because of online shopping, and a lot of them do ship internationally. When I travel, I also try not to buy so much, unless it is very special. I just feel I did collect a lot of “things” along all these years, and it is so painful when you have to move, you just feel that you have way too many things to pack, or something that you packed but never unpacked. So, I try to minimise the amount of potential rubbish.

I found one of my collection kind of funny, because I was thinking to start collecting them, but then I stopped after I purchased the first one. After that, I am still so obsessed with it, and I am really trying very hard to hold myself not buying them, the Starbucks City Mugs. I first saw it in Kuala Lumpur, and I was thinking it’s a good idea to start collecting that, to have a collection of mugs that look different from one to the other and remind me of which city I’ve been. But then, I realised that might take up so much space in my kitchen cabinet, so I just dumped the idea. Few years ago, I saw this city mug at San Francisco Airport with the new design, so nice and I thought just to get it and for the memory of getting stuck at SFO for one night. Last year, I also get one in Beijing, just can’t help it… I will try to keep reminding myself when I travel, try not to buy that, and I am happy with only four of them right now. Of course with one representing my hometown, Hong Kong.

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