Tracking with Misfit Shine2


I’ve heard about this kind of health or fitness tracker for quite some time, fitbit, Jawbone and something like that, have friends that are wearing them and said that it’s a good wearable devise to have with you, because you can track how many steps you’ve made and monitor your own fitness progress. But I never have the intention to get one, first of all, the look of such tracker is always too sporty, it doesn’t really fit into my daily wardrobe. On the other hand, I just don’t think I need one.

So, I got this Misfit Shine2 as a gift, and I kind of like the look of it in the first place. It looks modern and sleek, quite different from those sporty looking tracker. Looking at Misfit Shine, this updated version definitely looks way better. If you talking about function, I am actually very interested on the sleep tracking part, not really on the activity tracking. It is quite funny to find out how good you have slept last night, not sure what the Shine 2 telling me is accurate or not, but it is good to take it as a reference. To see how much deep sleep versus light sleep I had the night before. After wearing that for a week or so, I kind of like it and get use to it quickly, it’s good to review how are you doing everyday. There is also a function to remind you to get up if you’ve been sitting for too long, but I am not using that. You can actually wear it without watch, because it also has the display time function and I love the way how it shows the time with the green dot indicating the time and the blue dot indicating the minute. On the other hand, if you tap on it, it will show you how much did you achieve so far. In term of the app, it is super easy to use. Another good thing about this, is the other app that you can use, called Misfit Link, basically you can use your Misfit Shine 2 as a remote control to do certain things, like control your music playing and take selfie. One thing I am not happy about is, it doesn’t track anything about yoga, because it is an activity that you just do it at the same position, so it’s not telling me how much calories did I burn for doing one hour yoga for example.

The only problem is, you can lose it easily, as the plastic ring that holds the Misfit is not strong enough to hold it, sometimes it just snap out from your wrist. I lost it few times, but luckily to catch it or found it right away. But then, I lost it last Monday and could not find it, but then I found it again at home in-between the cabinet. Well, this is really not good, but so far it is still good to wear it when you are used to it. I think I just need to find a way to fix it, maybe glue it tight with the ring. I am waiting for them to launch the accessories, so I hope I can get some other wrist band to go with it. Now, it’s still Winter time, if I go swimming with it in Summer time, I guess I need to wear a wrist band on top of it to make sure I am not losing it.

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