Monkeys all over the place!

Giorgio Armani’s CNY Window

Bottega Veneta and Tod’s CNY Window


Prada’s CNY Window

Mont Blanc’s CNY Window


Gucci’s CNY Window

I’ve been working in the fashion retail business for many years, my specialty is Visual Merchandising, Styling and Creative Concept Development. We used to come up with window concept and ideas, and I remembered in the past, we would never even think of having a Chinese New Year special window. As in Fashion,we always want to relate to western culture,  you always want to look chic, stylish and trendy. Chinese New Year would not be something that has to do with trend or fashion.

But starting from few years ago, China became one of the key market in retail business with the biggest growth and Chinese New Year slowly slowly becomes one of the key event in retail. We all want to take the opportunity to boost sales during such key festive season, the same as how USA promote Thanksgiving. I’ve never see so many Chinese New Year window decoration from all these luxury fashion brands as this year before. This year, looks like everyone is playing with the monkey, as it is going to be the year of the monkey in 2016. I am surprise to see actually almost every single retailers are doing CNY window, no matter from luxury brand, such as Prada, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Tod’s, Giorgio Armani, Mont Blanc, Coach, and etc, to mass fashion brand, like Uniqlo, everyone is with CNY and monkey on! Think about how important Chinese are to them, they really want to make sure the message will get across to all the Chinese consumers.

The thing is, this CNY window is not just happening in country like China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, you can also find in USA, Japan, Korea and Europe. Just because CNY is a holiday and a lot of Chinese are going to travel, so all the retailers are trying to make sure they are not missing any opportunity to engage with the Chinese consumers. Well, as least I am happy to see some nicely done CNY window, with the right touch and right essence.

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