Green living on a rainy day – do we really need the plas7ic bag for the umbrella?

It’s been cold for a week, and finally the temperature is raising, but now started to rain. It has been raining for the entire day, and when it’s raining, you will see such a stand full of plastic bags at the entrance of shopping mall, commercial building and big retail store. The property management would like to keep their inner space dry without water dripping all over the place. I always try to dry my umbrella by swirling it and not getting the plastic bag, but sometimes I cannot avoid it because there is someone standing at the entrance and force you to use it. I can understand that, but somehow to see the amount of plastic bags have been used is way too much, this is so environmental unfriendly . I’m not sure how many of you are going to reuse that plastic bag? To pour out the water inside, keep it with you and try to use it next time? I doubt it.

I am always amazed by how innovative Japanese are, they always come up with great ideas and creative solutions. Last time when I was in Tokyo, it was pouring out and I found this tool that they are using for drying umbrellas at the entrance is such a great invention! What you have to do is just simply put your wet umbrella in-between the tool and swirl it, the microfibre is going to absorb the water, so your umbrella will be dryer and good enough to bring it inside. This is such a simple but effective solution, I really hope to see some of us starting to adapt this idea here in Hong Kong, or widely spread around the world, in order to reduce the usage of plastic bags.

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