Mix and ma7ch your dishware with colour and pattern


In Hong Kong, the price of retail space is fiercely high, right now it has gone down a bit, and continue to fall in this year. I can see more empty real estate in the heart of the shopping area, and for those stores that is not making much profit, they rather ended their lease earlier, and more real estate becomes available in the market. There is also a trend for temporary rental of the retail space, especially for the street level stores. The landlord would like to lease it for a short period of time with good deal, so sometimes you will find this kind of discount store somewhere in the middle of a high traffic street. For example, right now there are a lot of stores selling those red pockets and CNY decoration. But I love to go and take a look of those that is selling bric-à-brac, small stuffs, like dishware, home decoration or any cooking gadgets. You just feel like going to the flea market in Europe, digging into each corner and try to find the items that you like, with the best deal.

Today, I found one new discount store in Causeway Bay on Hennessy Road, near Times Square, when I take a detour to go home. I was attracted by those colourful patterns, so I immediately went inside and take a look. They do have large bowl, regular bowl, small plate, large plate and plate in rectangle shape, and they are all in such beautiful patterns. I was almost there to buy them all, because I can easily visualise a very nice range of colour palette with nice mix and match of patterns. The price is very good, for example the small bowl just costs HK$7 per piece, US$0.9, which is such a good deal. Instead of having a boring collection of dishware all in one colour or mono tone, it would be nice to play a bit with colour and pattern, mix and match them just like how you do your outfit. The only thing to stop me is because I already have enough dishware at home, which I don’t think I should buy more to occupy more space, as the space value the most here in Hong Kong. So, check it out if you are near by.

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