Early midnight snack – Russian vs Swiss

I always try not to have midnight snack, as you know we try so hard to keep ourselves in good shape. But sometimes it’s hard to reject, when the food is just in front of you. I would just blame it on my husband, because he always love to have midnight snack and tonight I just feel to have some too.

It doesn’t have to be a complicated one, but a simple toast with butter. He found a can of salmon caviar that our friends brought back from Russia, looks very authentic to me! Just simply eat the toast with the salmon caviar, already feels like in the ocean! Well, actually I was waiting for a night, maybe open a bottle of champagne and enjoy this can of looking authentic salmon caviar with blini, to kind of have it in the right way. But I guess what is more right, is the moment you feel to eat that and the person you are having that with.

That seems not enough, and here we go the second round of the night. The pan fried rösti that I bought from Ikea. I love rösti, this is a Swiss dish, and it is difficult to get the good ready made one. The one from Ikea is not bad, but it doesn’t taste so authentic, I remembered we used to order that directly from Euro-Goodies that tasted a lot better, especially texture wise was much better. Of course, if make it with fresh potatoes should taste even better, but it is still good enough when you are lazy. I love to cook, but sometimes we still eat something instant or ready-made. To have some chopped spring onion on top of the rösti and eat them with some cream cheese. Evil…..


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