An option instead of hotpot – healthy steam s7one pot

The weather is getting crazy these days, extremely warm during Christmas, and now become so cold. It’s around 8C degree here in Hong Kong, and it’s around 0C up on the mountain, people are driving up to the mountain just to see the frozen trees. The observatory mentioned that, there might be chance to snow….? Really? Snowing in Hong Kong? Weather is also crazy everywhere, like the massive blizzard hitting United States, and seriously cold in Northern China as well.

Traditionally, we love to have hotpot here when the weather is getting cold, in order to keep ourselves warm and hot! These days, such kind of steam stone pot became very popular here in Hong Kong. As a lot of food experts claiming that steaming is a far healthier way of cooking than a lot of cooking method. To steam, no oil is needed, less damage to nutrients and helps to conserve vitamins. Nowadays, a lot of people instead of having micro-wave oven at home, they rather use the steam oven at home.

So, more and more restaurants are using such cooking method, instead of the traditional hotpot place. I would say, everything tasted so yummy with the true taste, especially for the seafood. I always think the best way to cook the fresh seafood is steaming, as you can keep all the good taste of the seafood, the freshness of it. This way of cooking, is just so yummy and really taste super good!!! Just a touch a garlic, and you almost do not need any seasoning, because the seafood itself is already tasting so good and so fresh! We ordered scallop, shrimps and mini lobsters, they are all tasting very good! The only thing is, you might want to add a bit of the flavor that you like, such as soy sauce with any herbs or chili.

This steaming also works very well with the vegetables, we also ordered a mixed platter with pumpkin, winter melon and lotus root, and another plate with the loofah. Again, they all tasted so good. I cannot find another word to describe, just fantastically good! At the end, we finished up with a congee, that including all the good juices of all the things that we steamed previously. Can you imagine how good it tastes? Of course, again it’s just so yummy!!!



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