Get ready for CNY with a touch of red on your wris7

Chinese New Year is the most important festival or event for Chinese. Before the New Year’s Day, we have to go shopping to get some new staffs for ourselves, and make sure we are wearing new clothes, new underwear, new everything. Of course, RED is the key colour theme, as red means good luck and good fortune. Therefore, we always try to buy something new and in red in the old days. I guess we don’t really do that nowadays, but we can still use it as an excuse and get ourselves something new and nice and in red for CNY.

At retail, everyone is trying to tailor made something for the season, for CNY as well. Red colour is again the key idea and theme, so no need to worry if you cannot get anything nice in red. Besides getting new clothes, maybe you should also consider to get a new watch to go with your outfit. Love this classic look of Emporio Armani Watch, with leather strap in red. Easy for mix and match, with such clean and modern design. Especially for those of  you that are not willing to dress in red, as some people might not want to wear a big piece of jacket or pants in red. But you can always consider a little touch in red colour, in order to fit into the theme of CNY. Having a touch in red with accessories is always a good idea, by not making yourself looking like a red pocket. That’s how we say in Chinese, dress like a big red pocket during CNY, meaning from head to toe all in red. You can always play smart, with a touch, like a red scarf, red earrings, or red watch. That looks more sophisticated and classy!


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