Challenge your dogs with 7reat!

One day, I came home after work, I saw there were little pieces of cheese lying on the floor, from the door to the living room. There’re around 10 small pieces in total, I was wondering what exactly was going on. Then I found a piece of paper on the floor at the end, writing “please do not pick them up, test for Max and Mia”. Oh I see…. that’s the challenge for our dogs. Well, they were doing great! All cheeses stayed as where they are! When my husband came home, he rewarded them with the cheese.

Challenge your dog with treat is the great exercise to practice! All dog should learn not to eat human food, or any food that human is eating. I don’t understand why some people just give what they are eating and share it with the dog, just because their canine friend is looking at them with their cutie face and they just interpreted it as, “oooooooh…… look at him…… he wants to eat too……” For us, that is totally forbidden!

We should always pratice this, drop some food or treat on the floor or put it out, and the dogs need to learn that is not for them, they should just ignore. It’s like how we practice this piece of cheese on the table, doesn’t mean Mia should eat that. If your dogs are having problem with food that’s out there and they will just eat it. Try to practice that and challenge your dog with the treat, you will start to see some good result!

Remember! Feeding them human food doesn’t mean you love your dog! To have proper exercise and challenge is a better way of expressing love!

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