Love this place in Bali, DEUX Ex Machina!



The lovely spacious private villa at Canggu, Bali

I was in Bali three time, the second time was in 2011 December. We were staying around the Canggu area, near Echo Beach. We rented this lovely private villa with a super good deal, with a big swimming pool, 3 big bedrooms, huge living space, and only something like USD100 per night! Can’t ask for more! The best thing is, this is also near the Echo Beach, only 5 minutes away, so we can head to the beach easily.


The Echo Beach is just 5 minutes away from our villa

So, we rented a bike, and driving around and look for something to eat, we saw this interesting house standing in the middle of the green. This house looks stylish, with DEUS and something written on the wall, can see from faraway. So, we made a detour and headed to that direction, let’s check it out what is that.


The DEUS in the middle of the green

Well, actually that is a very interesting place, very stylish and nicely done! Love the concept, and actually would love to open something like this one day! Shop that selling motorbike, surf boards, t-shirts, caps, and etc. How they decorate the entire space is just super cool! Looks like a gallery, they also do music, so there are records, mixing with art pieces. You can just spend hours looking into every single thing! On the other side, there is the cafe / restaurant, food is amazing! Great place to hang out, and easily you can spend half of your day there without getting bored!

This is the coolest place around that area, and we just keep going back!

One day, we went to the shopping area, to do some shopping, we also found one DEUS store selling fashion and a bit of something else. Such a cool concept! So, I started to do some research on it, and found out that they actually have stores in different cities / countries, such as Tokyo, Milan, Sydney and L.A. And they are actually selling their products through other channels as well.

I am not sure how the rest of the DEUS looks like, but if you are travelling to Bali, why not checking it out? You might also find a kitten to keep you company for dinner 😉

Deus Ex Machina


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