Rainy night . stay in nigh7

It’s Friday night, weather is not good, it’s been raining for the last few days, temperature drops down to 15C. Finally feels like Winter! Instead of going out, maybe the best idea is to stay in and chill. How about do a Oscar nominated movies night?

The Oscar Academy Award Nomination List final out few days ago. I love to watch Oscar, it’s so entertaining, to see the MC how to host, before the show is the red carpet, and it’s like the Haute Couture Fashion Show. So, in order to prepare myself for the Oscar night, usually is the last Sunday in February. Let’s make sure I watch all the Best Picture’s nominees and the key movies before the show!

So, the nominees of the Best Picture are: The Big Short, Bridge of Spies, Brooklyn, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian, The Revenant, Room and Spotlight. Well, I have a lot of homework to do, I just watched The Revenant, 7 movies to watch! I will try to finish all of them before the show for sure!

Talking about The Revenant, this movie is a big lead with 13 nomination. This movie already won 3 awards in The Golden Globes, the Best Motion Picture-Drama, the Best Director-Motion Picture and the Best Actor of Motion Picture-Drama. Leonardo DiCaprio, looks like he has the highest chance to win the Oscar this time. Well, everyone saying that he really acted so well in this movie, I just want to say, he always acts so well!!! Since his very first movie. He is a good looking guy, and sometimes we just forget how good he can acts. I remembered one of his very first movie, “Who’s eating Gilbert Grape”back in 1993, when he was just 18-19, I was already stunned by how good he acted and on the other hand, how good looking he was! He was playing this role Arnie Grape, a retarded person, was already a great acting with that age! Last nomination in 2014 with The Wolf of Wall Street, he also had a high chance to win, but finally lost out to Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club. Well, it’s always difficult to win with comedy. That’s the great part of Golden Globes, they take care of different categories. Leonardo didn’t do a lot of movies in the past 20 years, he does a new movie once a year or even took him two years to make one. 10 times nomination and won 3 times of Golden Globes, 2005 with The Aviator, 2014 with The Wolf of Wall Street and 2016 The Revenant, but never won an Oscar, even with 5 times nomination, see if he can make it this year! I think it’s about time, he deserves it!

So, I am going to work hard on watching the rest of the nominees…


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