Watching movie Burnt, makes me hungry!

I love to cook and love to watch cooking show, movie like Chef or this new one Burnt, of course I am not going to miss out!

I would say, I like Chef more than Burnt, but they are actually quite different. Chef is talking about food truck, and how you bounce back from down below, a very upbeat movie to watch, with positive message and energy and very down-to-earth. Burnt is a bit different, Burnt is about Michelin Star, it’s about being the best in town, fine dining, elegant and so on. It’s talking about how early you succeed in your life, and you screw it up because you were too young, and how you want to make a big come back. Then, you realised team work is more important and finally learning how to love, not just the new lover Helene, but the entire team in the kitchen. By joining the family meal in the kitchen to end the movie which is quite good way to end.

Of course all the cooking scenes are so pleasing to the eye, the plates decoration is like an art piece of course, makes me hungry… I was expecting to see more, as there is not with cooking scene all the time. The funny part is about the love life of Adam, he is in love with Helene, but on the other hand, Tony is in love with him. It’s funny because I can spot it out Tony is gay and in love with Adam at the first 15 minutes of the movie, when he was sniffing Adam’s shirt. This message has been brought up few times in the movie, that Tony is in love with Adam, but funny that my very straight husband could not detected that. He just think they are brotherhood kind of love, not until I talked to him about the scene of sniffing the shirt when we re-watch the movie. The perspective could be very different, and that makes it more interesting for movie because you can watch it with your own perspective, and no need to read or listen to all those movie critics.

adam & tony

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