Keep challenging yoursel7, but don’t forget that we are all differen7!

When you go for yoga class, the instructor always telling you, do not compare yourself to the others, as we are all different. Our bodies maybe good in doing certain posture, but not good at some others. The only thing we should do is challenging ourselves, and no need to compare with anybody else in the class. But sometimes you just can’t help it, you are concentrating on working out your own posture, by looking into the mirror, you also can see how the one next to you is doing. When you think you are doing very well already, but then you see the person next you is like, wow……! I am way far behind!!! Hey, hello!!! Told you not to compare, but as I said, you just can’t help it! Come on, I want to get to that level too! How can I do that?

The same thing apply to your everyday life, somehow we should never compare ourselves to others, as we are all individuals, we are all special and unique. But in some way, that we all like to compare, and we want to be better. By comparing with the person that you think is better than you, you just set your bar higher, you challenge yourself to another level, we can test our limits and see how much better we can do. In this regard, we should take it as setting  target to ourselves, and what that person can do is just a reference or benchmark for us.

I guess that might works for yoga, but might not working for everything. For example, looking slim, gorgeous and beautiful. In order to make yourself looking like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lawrence, you might think of plastic surgery, or all kinds of treatment, in order to reach that goal. In this case, I rather listen to the yoga instructor, never compare yourself to others, because we are all different! Remember, we all have our limits, do not do anything to harm yourself, we might get hurt because of that. Physically or mentally.

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