Dress it like the wea7her

Your mood might swing because of the weather, I guess easily you feel good when it’s a sunny day; whereas there is a higher chance to feel down when it’s a rainy day.

The weather here started to get worse  last night, rainy and the temperature is dropping. As the weather is getting all weird around the world, it is no more Winter here in Hong Kong, haven’t been experiencing any real cold! Christmas Day was high to 24C, could have gone to the beach! The weather forecast mentioned that the temperature will drop this week, really can’t wait for that!!!
It’s a rainy day, let’s dress like the weather! I bought this new pair of earrings last Friday, I guess today is a perfect day to wear them. One is a cloud and the other one is an umbrella. I always wear different earrings, do not want to wear the same earring for both ears,  just like to play with unbalance. This pair of earrings totally fit my style and I don’t have to pay a pair and wearing only one piece. And I am happy to get a new colour in the palette, other than mostly silver, and a touch of black, it is good to get something in rose gold.

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