A lot more selec7ion for the upcoming Chinese New Year home decoration at IKEA


Today, I finally get rid of our Christmas Tree and took down all the Christmas decoration at home. Sooner will be up with Chinese New Year decoration, let’s go around and get some inspiration and do some research how to decorate this time.

To me, it is kind of tough to get decoration for CNY, because most of the things you can get are kind of tacky, in Cantonese we say “Leung”, not stylish at all. Or better re-word it as very traditional.  I heard from my colleague, he said he found some CNY decoration stuffs in Ikea, so I went there to check it out yesterday. See how Scandinavian design interpret CNY, of course I guess this would have been done by some Chinese. As it is kind of tough for a non-Chinese to come up with something for CNY, I am experiencing this all the time to receive some CNY visual merchandising concept from someone that is a non-Chinese. It hard to get it right.

Well, for sure Red is the key colour for how they set-up the store. I was visiting the store in Causeway Bay, there is a CNY corner at the basement 1st floor. It’s not bad, with some Monkey motifs, a lot of tin boxes which is good to replace the traditional candy box (全盒). Orchid is the modern version flower selection for CNY, instead of those very traditional types. Everywhere you go, is calling out the Red colour, no matter bedding, cushion cover, curtain, towel, and etc. For basement  2nd floor, there is few other CNY set-up around the kitchen tool section and the plants area. Cups, dishes and napkin with special CNY design. I am still not sure if this is what I am looking for to decorate my place for CNY, I guess I will go to Flower Market a week before CNY as usual, to get a good amount of flowers and maybe some decoration at the Brighten Store. They do have some good stuffs sometimes.

So, I ended up walking away Ikea with a selection of candles, mix of Spring collection, a lot of pastel colour and smell of different kinds of flower, and I was able to get some good offers of Christmas candles, red and silver colour. For Christmas is more about candles and lights; for CNY is more about flowers. Let’s wait and see……




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