My favourite street food in Hong Kong – s7icky rice and rice rolls


It’s Friday night, my usual routine is go for happy hour right after work. But tonight I feel a bit different, I felt too tired from the week, and I guess I am going to skip drinking and go home. Before heading home, maybe…… it’s good to spend some alone time and do something I like.

Suddenly, I was craving for this sticky rice, it is the best thing to eat during Winter time. I used “this”, because this is the one from this street food stall. It is hard to find the good sticky rice, if it is too sticky will be not good. I found this street food stall at Wan Chai called Keung Kee (強記美食), and their sticky rice is the best in the world so far, I would say. And I just found out that this one has been added to the Michelin Star Guide 2016 in the category of Street Food in Hong Kong!!! Well done!

To me the greatest problem of this stall is, you never know if they are open or not, you really need to try your luck. Sometimes I was so craving for the sticky rice, and I’ve made all my way to there in Wan Chai and you arrived there and find out that this stall is closed…..! You will be like, what should I do now? I really want that sticky rice in my stomach RIGHT NOW!!!

So, last time I was unlucky on the 22nd Dec, because it was Winter Solstice, I guess today should be fine. Yes yes yes!!! They are open! So, I ordered the sticky rice and the rice rolls as usual. Yummy!!! The sticky rice, which is more for Winter, because it is so heavy and rich, but Keung Kee managed to sell it as their best seller all year round! You can have extra order with the Chinese sausages, there are two types, preserved sausage (臘腸) or liver sausage (膶腸).  To me, just the sticky rice is good enough, as there are already slice of both sausages inside.

Rice rolls (or rice noodle rolls) is one of my favourite snack in general, love to eat that, can have that as breakfast, tea break snack or all time snack! But the one that Keung Kee is serving, is very good because it is pan fried! It is hard to find pan fried rice rolls, as most of them are just steamed. You might be able to get the fried one in the restaurant during yum cha as one of the dim sum, but street food rice rolls are mostly steamed. This one from Keung Kee is a bit cripsy, served with soy sauce, sesame sauce and a bit of sesame. It’s your own choice to add extra sweet sauce or spicy sauce on top.

I really missed the old Hong Kong dai pai dong style of street food!!! There might still be, but I am missing the quality of food that they were serving in the old days. Keung Kee is not bad, as least I miss them sometimes 😉


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