We all need to get out of our comfor7 zone


I’ve been practicing yoga for more than 10 years, I do at least once a week at the yoga center, and sometimes I do practice at home. But, I think it’s better to practice in a yoga class, as the spirit is a bit different with a bunch of people having the same goal.

Of course I have my favourite instructors, and I do attend their classes most of the time, as I know and I would like to make sure what am I getting. Getting the best practice every time! The down side of it, is you are just so used to the pattern or routine of that instructor and your body is so used to those postures or certain sequence. Therefore, somehow is not challenging at all to your body or yourself.

Along all these years of yoga practice, I kind of get stuck with few postures, one of them is full split, Hanumanasana. So, I attend this class from another instructor one day, which is totally new to me. She showed me the way how to do Hanumnasana, how to proceed with it from time to time, and after few weeks, I can make it to this posture!!!! Yay!!!

Sometimes, we really have to get out of our comfort zone, get inspired and just embrace the challenge! My next goal will be a lot of new challenging postures to me, for example, hand stand. Can’t wait to see myself be able to do it slowly slowly….

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