Back to na7ure beach front villa, Impossible Bali


Directly facing Impossible, waiting to surf……

My feeling towards Bali is funny, I’ve been there 3 times now, I hated it the first time, maybe because I was staying around the very touristic area Kuta and I was not enjoying it very much. The second time, I was staying at a private villa around Canggu, 5 minutes walk to Echo Beach, love it! The third time, which was 2 years ago, we spent Christmas and New Year there. Love, love, LOVE IT!!! We found this villa and the location of it, it’s just…… cannot ask for more!

Back then, we were thinking to do a surf trip and tried to see if we can rent a beach front villa. My husband wanted to stay at the south area, as there are few good spots for surfing. Well, it’s not the best time to surf, but it’s not bad, sometimes you can still catch a 3M height wave, enough for beginner like me.

So, here we go, we found this villa sitting right by the beach, facing the Impossible surf break. It’s not the kind of high end luxury type, it is more down to earth Balinese style beach villa. If you love adventure, here you go! You have to hike a bit to get to the villa, around 100 steps down to the cliff. We arrived Bali at night time, so when we need to take those steps in the dark is tough, as you don’t know where are you heading and how the way is. Luckily the villa manager was helping us with torches and having some movers to help and carried our luggage.

In the beginning of our staying, we rent the smaller villa, I would say that one is not too nice. After we stayed there for few days, and those people next to us in the bigger villa left, we decided to change our plan and took the bigger villa. The bigger one is a lot nicer!!!! Bigger living space and bigger deck, can sit there comfortably with bean bags. You would not get tired of sitting there, from sunrise to sunset, and even night time. The sound of the wave is so beautiful, and you are going to sleep with it, you are almost like sleeping directly on the beach, because the sound of the wave get all the way inside the villa. Sa…sa………….. sa…. sa…………..

As the villa is sitting directly on the beach, that part of the beach is basically yours. Think about you own the beach!!!! When there is good wave, just bring your board and head out, there you go surfing!!! From far, we can see few other villas or hotel along the coast, but we still feel that where we were staying, was so authentic, so raw, and so close to nature.

For sure, I love to go back one day! Well, actually I don’t mind to own a villa like this……


The look of the villa, so down to earth.


Sometimes you’ve got visitors to your private beach, the local fisherman.


The terrace, you can sit there for the entire day.


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